"Mini Mom" 
Mother's Helper 
Diaper Changes
Cleaning up toys
Backyard playtime 
Arts and Crafts
​and more!
Located in Pleasantdale, West Orange. Will walk to you within the neighborhood! Can work in WO, Livingston, Montclair, Verona, and Cedar Grove, 
$5.00/an hour
available weekends and
after school until 7
What is a mother's helper?
 "Babysitter in Training" 
Considered a "babysitter in training," a mother's helper does just that — helps Mom. They are babysitters generally considered too young to care for children on their own but old enough to responsibly play with children while Mom is busy (yet present). Most mother's helpers find jobs with families that have more than one child.
While Mom is feeding the baby, a mother's helper can keep the older children occupied, or vice versa.
During the holidays, mothers' helpers can be hired to help Mom wrap gifts, decorate the house and even assist with baking.

I like playing with little ones because I love their creativity, their laughter, cuteness and silliness!
Avalon Mae Chasse

        This is what a Mother's Helper can do!
  • Entertain your toddler
  • Feed, soothe, and tend to a baby.
  • Plays with the kids while you jump on a conference call.
  • Makes easy lunches.
  • Take your little one for a walk in the stroller
  • Has a ton of energy when you're lagging.
  • Helps with homework.
  • Allows you to take a much-needed nap/shower/bathroom break.
  • Has a higher tolerance for watching “Frozen.”
  • Doesn’t mind getting covered in paint and dirt.
  • Can be a positive role model for the little ones.
  • Allows your to get the stuff done — pay bills, organize the house, anything!
  • Gets extra stuff done so you can enjoy more time with your kids.

Ava has taken
One with Girl Scouts
and the other one
at the Solstice Cafe ,
which she helped to run. Her mother taught Health & Safety for Kids.
Ava's MOM, Dr. Jill
is the AUTHOR
of the Babysitter's Survival Guide!
She has read the book AND
practiced a lot of the activities
and games with kids!
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